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The trend of flat and simple ceilings have fallen wayside. Because people nowadays are eyeing on products that make the typical flat false ceiling look attractive with minimal costing.so with the recent surge of false ceiling it has become easier for people to embellish the beauty of any space whether it be an office commercial complex,residential complex or theaters. False ceilings are often secondary ceilings that are hung below the main ceiling with the help of suspension cords or struts. These ceilings are crafted from a wide range of material such as plaster of paris,gypsum board,asbestos sheets,particle board,aluminum panel,wood etc.they are also known as dropped ceiling or also known as dropped ceiling or suspended ceiling.

General benefits of false ceiling:

The general advantage that everyone is familiar with is it improves aesthetic appearance and proportion of interior spaces but this benefits is just  the tip of an iceberg as there are a whole lot of benefits that false ceiling provides few of them are listed below:

  1. Hides ducting and other structural elements that hinder the beauty of the room.
  2. Works as a heat insulator.
  3. Works as an acoustical barrier by reducing echo problems.
  4. Performs as an antimicrobial element.
  5. False ceiling can also act as a fire separator if the material used in making ceiling tiles are mineral fiber or fire rated wood panels.
  6. The space left between struts and ceiling tiles acts as a duct which carries all the wiring and hidden lighting system.

Advantages of false ceiling:

  1. It is very easy to install a false ceiling with the help of the right kind of tools and skilled professional.
  2. False ceiling gives a smooth surface and cover undulation in the slab concrete etc.
  3. It is economical and flexible in design.
  4. A false ceiling hides the ductwork,pipes and electrical wires giving the ceiling a clean and finish look.
  5. It is good for souf absorption and in acoustic.

Maintain your false ceiling with cleaning:

False ceilings are an attractive feature in most homes today. Perfect false ceiling design definitely adds to the beauty and style of a home. In urban areas,a false ceiling definitely adds a unique charm to the design of rooms. False ceilings also help lend uniformity. Today,there are many false ceilings available. One can choose one as per the decor of the home. False ceilings are usually put to highlight the lighting system of a room. Another benefit of having a false ceiling will be a great addition to the hence false ceilings will be a great addition to the topmost of a building.

False ceiling cleaning tips:

As it is, false ceilings do not need much maintenance and only require cleaning from time to time. The false ceiling process will depend on the material used for the false ceiling.always make it a point to dust and clean the false ceiling at regular intervals. Fix a day of the week exclusively for cleaning the ceiling. And do it without fail. Before you start dusting the ceiling,cover the furniture, bed and whatever are on the floor so that the dust would not settle on them directly. Otherwise,you will have to clean your furniture too.The easier way to clean a false ceiling is to use a duster or a feather duster.make sure that you wear a mask. A vacuum cleaner is also a great option to use to clean and dust a false ceiling.

The cleaning process for different materials:

Fiber false ceiling:

If the false ceiling is made of mineral fiber,then a simple rubber sponge can be used to clean it.dust and spot can be easily cleaned off with such a sponge. A moist cloth or a sponge dipped in detergent solution can also be used. Always make sure to wipe it dry. Clean it regularly and properly because there is a chance of microbial growth on such panels which if unattended,might cause serious damage to the ceiling.

Metal false ceiling:

For a metal based false ceiling,first use a duster to wipe aways all the dust.then clean with a detergent.get non abrasive detergent for metal false ceiling through.

Vacuuming the area:

You can even use a vacuum cleaner to do the necessary cleaning.use proper attachments that will ease the process. You can even use a ladder to hop on to clean the false ceiling using a vacuum cleaner.false ceiling  only needs regular cleaning and that helps its maintenance. If the ceiling is not cleaned regularly then dust,dirt and soot will continue accumulating causing damage to the surface.

False ceiling maintaining and durability:

One of the major worries for a homemaker is durability and maintenance or cleaning,be it simple furniture or frame or ceiling.well once installed,false ceiling will stay for years to come. Let’s say homeowners need not have to worry about cleaning or redoing the false ceiling for a minimum of 15-20 years. In case of any external damage,homeowners shall be responsible for it.

Well to all those homeowners and makers who are extra careful about cleanliness,a false ceiling is a way to go.maintaining the beauty and delicacy of a false ceiling is a hassle free job. Gypsum board false ceiling can easily be maintained like any other plasterer surface. No special maintenance is required. For any dust accumulation it can be cleaned with a broom or a smooth rug,just like other interiors of your house.while cleaning the false ceiling home owners need to take care for no water contact. Gypsum plasterboard and water don’t go hand in hand. Water will damage the ceiling finish and durability too. False ceilings are always completed and finished with a coat of final paint. The ceiling with luster paint or oil based paint can be cleaned with damp cloth.

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