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Each house, whether private, similar to yours, or business like workplaces, shops, inns, emergency clinics, clubs, and so forth, should be kept spotless and clean, so it looks welcoming to all. This is where housekeeping comes in. Cleaning and upkeep administrations can be spotted effectively anyplace.

The fundamental idea of housekeeping has begun from keeping a homegrown house clean and has steadily come to keeping up with elevated requirements of tidiness and support at business levels. Other than this , housekeeping ought to likewise add to the savings in expenses of work, cleaning material and hardware, goods and such in each sort of foundation.

Be that as it may, before we move into the genuine working and point by point methodology of this fascinating and presumably the main action of our day to day routine, it is critical to get acquainted with the business idea of housekeeping, its job and significance, the different elements of housekeeping service and the obligations of staff involved housekeeping services.Besides,it also important to know the preparing principles of these faculty.

Housekeeping in straightforward words implies keeping a house on a day to day or long haul premise or taking care of its neatness, cleanliness, upkeep and smooth running. At the point when you keep your home perfect and all around kept up with, you might likewise want to make it as gorgeous as could be expected. How would you ensure that all that in the house is in usable condition? The articles are generally not broken or chipped and textures are not torn. Every one of the apparatuses like taps, springs, electric wiring, bulbs, tubes, fans, plug-focuses, are in great working condition, fountains are not releasing, electric wiring is legitimate and there is no risk of fire because of short circuiting, etc.

Subsequently, the various techniques followed to keep and keep up with everything in the house in a decent and respectable request, are on the whole known as great housekeeping. As such, we may likewise say that housekeeping is a course of keeping a spot perfect, lovely and very much kept up with so it looks and feels wonderful and welcoming to all, either residing, visiting or working there.

In many spots including Nepal, everybody loves to live in a perfect and solid climate. In any case, because of occupied circumstances we probably won’t have a lot of chances to offer consideration on these things. Disregarding it can have a terrible effect on our family, us and, surprisingly, our environmental factors. On the off chance that you lack opportunity and willpower to clean the house and your business region, you can definitely relax. All things considered, pass on that work to us. We will do it for you. Passage Services holds long stretches of involvement and have been serving some private and business areas of Nepal for more than many years. Using our cleaning experience and abilities we guarantee to make your home and business region slick and clean.

We are well versed in wide-going administrations; you can give a brief glance in our administration to know more about what we offer. Pondering your wellbeing, we won’t utilize the synthetics that will influence your wellbeing. Try not to work about the microorganisms as we are here to help you be liberated from the destructive microbes. Comprehending the value of a solid climate and your life, we won’t follow any methodology that harms both you and your family’s well being. Rather, we follow different cleaning approaches in your home and business region, keeping your wellbeing in the brain.

In Nepal, enterprises are overhauling consistently, because of this there comes an extreme rivalry to remain ahead in the present commercial center. Here, in the event that you don’t zero in on making your working environment perfect and alluring, your clients or clients could take off from you. Better not get late to choose a reliable cleaning specialist organization. Every one of the staff working with us are appropriately prepared and we don’t permit them to visit and clean your place except if they are very much specific.

Aside from cleaning, we additionally work with you with cleaning, fixing, cultivating and numerous other administrations fundamental for you. We worry about you and consistently concentrate to give endlessly better administrations.

Subsequent to getting a message or call from you, at first we will visit your place, dissect it and sort out the legitimate arrangement. Then, at that point, we will deal with the help according to your need. We have outrageous guidelines in the work we do and our work shows to that. We don’t talk much rather demonstrate our guarantee to our client over keeping up with our excellent work.

Our representatives give outright business and private administrations for our dearest clients, holding your property to its best for a sturdy time frame. We work with your place with a different cleaning approach as per your prerequisite and decision. You don’t need to be stressed over your possessions; we will take total liabilities of any sort of loss of harms in the property. We truly care about our clients and their properties.

Get in touch with us for any sort of private or business administrations you need. You can likewise call us to find out about the help that we offer. We apply various kinds of apparatuses and methods to work in your endeavor. Our committed staff follows various techniques to do the work in an effective way. We additionally ensure that our clients are constantly happy with the assistance, if not; we will chip away at the moment improvement. Our inviting staff anticipates getting from you and working in your place making it spotless, solid and strong.

Basic questions about housekeeping service

  • What are the services of housekeeping?
  • Cleaning services and vacuuming. A perfect house generally feels inviting and agreeable, and our administration can assist with getting this going.
  • What are the 5 types of housekeeping services?
  • 1.Cleaner or Maid
  • 2.Live in Housekeeper
  • 3.Live out Housekeeper
  • 4.House Manager/Housekeeper
  • 5.housekeeping Cleaning Companies

Responsibilities regarding month to month office cleaner supply:

1. Security

House Cleaning service in kathmandu nepal organization revolves around the perils that come from various pieces of the construction. The perils could integrate fire, electric shocks, and anything is possible from that point. We suitably evaluate the possible prosperity breaks that would perhaps hurt the property or lead the association to shut down. We give the workplace a chance to test the prosperity equipment and structures of the office more cleanly.

2. Support

We in like manner consolidate the genuine testing and examination of the structure and equipment of the month to month office cleaner supply. After the testing, we set out to converse with the client and head towards help to restrict the bet of structure frustration. Useful prosperity is essential, so we plan the upkeep and assessment of the property. We take preventive measures, fixes, and upgrading work that is supposed to be done by the circumstance with the property. Consider the improvement of the construction at our hands once you utilize us. The work moreover consolidates carpentry, plumbing, tiling, putting, enhancing, advancement painting. We will give a redid Facility the board Service as indicated by the necessities and solicitations of our clients.

3.  Professional Cleaning

The cleaning of tiles, wooden floors, furniture, toilet tiles, kitchen chimneys are similarly covered under the month to month office cleaner supply administration. Our month to month office cleaner supply administration will give the best cleaning administrations which are totally ensured.

4. Office designs

For work environments to convey high market regard, it is vital to remain mindful of the underpinning of a work environment plan. It is a critical part in remaining mindful of client relations. We moreover outfit a fire security plan close by lighting levels, ventilation, and government help game-plan from lavatories to drinking water to guarantee that the working environment is great for working.


1.The hours working rate for monthly cleaner’s1 Hours5,000rs
2.The hours working rate for monthly cleaner’s2 Hours7,000rs
3.The hours working rate for monthly cleaner’s3 Hours9,000rs
4.The hours working rate for monthly cleaner’s4 Hours10,000rs
5.The hours working rate for monthly cleaner’s5 Hours12,000rs
6.The hours working rate for monthly cleaner’s6 Hours14,000rs
7.The hours working rate for monthly cleaner’s7 Hours17,000rs
8.The hours working rate for monthly cleaner’s8 Hours18,000rs
9.The hours working rate for monthly cleaner’s9 Hours19,000rs
10.The hours working rate for monthly cleaner’s10 Hours20,000rs


  •  Counting all the expected cleaning synthetic substances, apparatuses, and so forth.
  • The mentioned prices are not inclusive of 13% VAT.
  • Time to time oversight according to necessities and furthermore replacement administration accessible
  • Cleaner has a company card as well as a dress.


House cleaning service in Kathmandu has monthly cleaner’s service in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur with the monthly cleaner’s service with the professional cleaner’s from the 6 years.

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