Housekeeping service

Each house, whether private, similar to yours, or business like workplaces, shops, inns, emergency clinics, clubs, and so forth, should be kept spotless and clean, so it looks welcoming to all. This is where housekeeping …

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Housemaid service

House maid service may be defined as ‘provision of a clean,comfortable,safe and aesthetically appealing environment by another definition, ‘house maid service is an operational department in an ethics upkeep of rooms, public areas, back areas …

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False-ceiling work

The trend of flat and simple ceilings have fallen wayside. Because people nowadays are eyeing on products that make the typical flat false ceiling look attractive with minimal with the recent surge of false …

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car washing service

Car washing

Various strategies of vehicle washing are introduced in this paper,along with issues of water use,water pollution and its decontamination. These days, mechanical progressions in the vehicle wash industry fall into explicit classes such as,new washing …

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bird spike service in Kathmandu

Bird spikes service

Plastic or metal spikes are a powerful bird control measure to assist with dissuading irritation birds, like pigeons, from landing and settling on even surfaces of structures. Like all bird control strategies, spikes have the …

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