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Cleaning with a household cleaner that contains soap and detergent reduces the amount of germs on surface and decreases risk of infection from surface.in most situations,cleaning alone removes most virus particles on surface.disinfection to reduce transmission of disinfection and we send our children to school,we go to work,gyms,parks,and office. It’s crucial to be safe from germs and different kinds of viruses. Our disinfection services are far more than just spraying to clean surroundings.our initiative includes keeping places safe from viruses like you all know about the recent coronavirus pandemic. Don’t wait for something to happen,instead take action and stop it before something bad happens. Pds pest control service provides the best disinfection service under following categories:

  1. School disinfection services
  2. gym/fitness disinfection services
  3. commercial/municipal building disinfection service
  4. Residential disinfection service
  5. Carpet disinfection service

Carpet cleaning service has become our duty to ensure that you  and your home gets the best treatment it needs to keep you and your family safe. Although it is important to take the recommended prevention steps such as washing and sanitizing your hands regularly,your home also requires disinfection and sanitization of all surfaces and floors.

Why should we spray and disinfect public areas frequently and what’s the use of if?

It’s a common answer as well all known nowadays the pandemic of coronaviruses and other diseases are spreading massively. This is by far the greatest problem that the world is facing right now. It is why it’s necessary to stay safe and secure knowing the virus gets eradicated by spraying disinfectant frequently in the most common areas of your house,offices or any other public areas that you visit the most.

How do we do it?

The process of spraying disinfectants or sanitizing the whole area is very crucial.the first step is to dilute the chemical and water in a very precise and measurable way and then the sprayer wears personal protective equipment PPE  and then we spray it all over the infected areas and it gets disinfected.this is how we provide by carpet cleaning service in kathmandu.

Why carpet cleaning service kathmandu for disinfectant spray service?

We carpet cleaning service as a company have over 9 years of experience in this cleaning field and industry and we are among the best cleaning services in kathmandu as we said we are one of the pioneer service providers of disinfectant spray service in kathmandu.so that it kills 99% of the viruses and germs in that area and has no side-effect on human effect, because it’s necessary to oversee and make sure that our client stays safe on matter what.

Benefits of hiring carpet cleaning service for disinfectant service?

  1. Hiring disinfection service is hassle free:

One of the biggest benefits of hiring disinfection services is that they won’t disrupt the flow of your business. Normally,workers would have to take time out of their day to clean and sanitize their work area which takes away from their work. Any good disinfection service will work around your business hours and ensure that business continues to run smoothly and safely. Whether you want a deep clean after hours or periodic sanitation during the workday,these services will work seamlessly alongside your employees to provide a safe environment for employees and customers alike.

  1. Disinfection plans are made custom to fit your business:

When buying anything,it’s important to know what you’re getting and what you’re paying. Disinfection service will often visit your business or facility and give you a free estimate which takes aways any guesswork. With experience in all types of buildings,they will meet with you and walk you through what high touch surfaces are within your facility.these service will have different you have. For open areas,some services will use sprays and fogs to clean porous areas that are within reach.For more sensitive areas around technology some services will manually and delicately clean with machines designed to limit overspray.there’s no one-size fits all sanitation,so lets experts with years of experience use the rights tools to help you maintain a clean and healthy environment for your business.

  1. Professional know where and how to clean:

When business’s task their employees to clean their facilities,it’s difficult to know which part of the building needs to be sanitized. That is why it is important to make sure that they are highly trained. Contact surfaces like door handles and desk s are obvious, but other surfaces around the building that could potentially spread disease are not. When creating your personal disinfection plan, the disinfection services member will know where to look when it comes to identify what areas receive the most traffic.

  1. Disinfection service have the best tools for the job:

The best cleaning solutions start with choosing the right tools far above commercial cleaning products. Using commercial disinfectant wipes can work in a pinch,but will clean as deeply or reliably as higher grade cleaning supplies. Disinfect services have access to hospital grade disinfectant that is far more effective than what you would find at a store. These cleaning supplies are registered disinfectants, to combat that current pandemic and provide the best results,especially with high touch point surfaces. If the safety of your employees and customers are a priority,you need professional cleaners who are especially trained to use the best cleaning supplies.

Atleast, carpet cleaning companies are experts in creating a clean,healthy and safe environment. It’s more important than to make sure everyone who enters your facility is protected from germs and bacteria that can easily spread from one to the next. Our carpet cleaning service in Kathmandu specializes in disinfection services and will help you reduce the risk of illness in your facility.

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