Kitchen chimney cleaning

A kitchen chimney cleaning in kathmandu  is an architectural ventilation structure made of masonry,clay or metal. We are professional kitchen chimney cleaning service providers at Kathmandu,bhaktapur and lalitpur. The kitchen is the most important part of our house because we make anything here,this grease if left unresolved will accumulate over time and leave dirty make.when you make  your kitchen it is full of smoke and odor and you seem to have no solution for it. That is why kitchen chimneys need regular cleaning as they inevitably get clogged.

Importance of cleaning kitchen chimneys?

A kitchen chimney cleaning service in kathmandu  is a very beneficial piece to have in your home,especially in the winter when the temperatures are freezing.people forget to get their chimney cleaned when it needs to be.this can cause a good amount of problems if you don’t hire a professional cleaner. Here are some benefits of hiring house cleaning service in kathmandu:

  1. Keeps the air clean:

Using a kitchen chimney  can remove hot gasses and toxic pollutants from your kitchen air. It can bring down the level of carbon monoxide in the kitchen while cooking too. Since the air in your kitchen stays cool and clean,it helps control the growth of bacteria and other germs as well.

  1. Makes cooking comfortable:

The most important benefit of using a kitchen hood is that it sucks in heat or steam that comes out of cooking utensils,preventing them from hitting your face. This not only makes cooking comfortable but safe too. In addition to this,a kitchen hood sucks in the aromas and vapors of food being cooked,preventing sneezing and coughing,and keeping the house free of odors.

  1. Better lighting:

It is noteworthy that kitchen hoods also have built-in lights that help you see better when you’re cooking or cleaning. This will also eliminate the need to keep other kitchen lights on,saving you energy and money.

  1. Protects walls and tiles:

Another benefit of using an electric kitchen chimney service in Kathmandu is that the ceiling and wall behind your stove will remain clean. Tiles,marble,granite and even wood furniture can deteriorate or become coated in grime over time due to the smoke and airborne grease particles.because the kitchen hood will be struck in all these,your kitchen will stay clean for longer,needing less cleaning and maintenance.

  1. Looks great:

Installing a chimney in your kitchen can make it functional and look aesthetically appealing. If you’re thinking of getting the kitchen a sophisticated look by installing door panels that match with the walls and other appliances.

How often should you clean your kitchen chimney?

It all depends on how often you cook and the types of food prepared. However,it is advisable for chimneys to be cleaned once every 2-3 months at the least. If you prepare a lot of oily and spicy food,it’s best to clean the meshes and filters once a month. Also ,the frequency of cleaning depends on the types of filters present in your chimney. 

How to clean your kitchen chimney at home?

The kitchen chimney cleaning material and methods used are determined by which component of the chimney it is that you are cleaning. Also ,not all cleaning activity requires you to take your chimney apart,and different types of stains need a different method to clean are four methods of cleaning chimney at home:

  1. vinegar:

White vinegar is a good cleaning agent for grime and stains that collect on the chimney exterior such as the hood and the panel. For a quick clan of the hood,dip a paper towel in the vinegar solution and wipe the surface clean. Make sure you wipe through every nook and corner with sufficient amounts of vinegar soaked into the towel. Let it sit for a few minutes and wipe again with a paper towel dunked in plain water to remove whatever is left.

  1. Baking soda:

Baking soda is another commonly found compound in the kitchen that has been used in cleaning for thousands of years. It’s often supplied with cleaning kits,or you may have a pack of it sitting in your refrigerator. Chemically,  baking soda is called sodium bicarbonate ,a salt basically. It has a gentle abrasive nature to it,so it’s good for scrubbing away tough stains using a paste of it made for water. There are many ways on how to use baking soda to clean the chimney. If you are trying to get rid of some grease deposition on the chimney hood,make a thick paste of two tablespoons of baking soda with a small amount of water.

  1. Dishwashing liquid:

If you are looking for another solution on how to clean kitchen chimney cleaning service in kathmandu mesh filters,you need not look any further than your dishwashing liquid. These cleaning agents are made specifically to remove oil and grease efficiently,and they work well with chimney filters. To clean meshes and filters,apply some dishwashing liquid on the filters and scrub it all over gently, so all the surfaces are wet with the liquid.Fill a plastic bucket with hot water and immerse the filters in it to allow it to stay about 2 hours.

  1. Paint thinners:

Paint thinners are powerful cleaning agents since these solvents evaporate easily, you would end up inhaling quite a bit of vapor when you try to clean whole filters with it instead, use it for cleaning the most stubborn of grease that is lodged in hard-to-reach places such as crevices and folds,preferably when any of the above the grease completely.unlike the other cleaning methods that are elaborate,paint thinners work instantly to remove grease,paint,stains or any other material stuck to the mesh cleaning with thinners is best done outside where there’s enough airflow to disperse the vapors.

Conclusion of kitchen chimney:

Cleaning your kitchen chimney could be something you dread doing. But it can be done effortlessly with just a few kitchen’s important to clean chimney filters and meshes periodically to keep them running at their best and last longer. Basic grime on the chimney hood can be cleaned with simple solutions such as vinegar and baking soda. For removing tough grease, use paint thinners.

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