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Pest control service in kathmandu is the regulation or management of a species defined as a pest,a member of the animal kingdom that impacts adversely on human activities. The human response depends on the importance of the damage done and will range from tolerance,through deterrence and management,to attempts to completely eradicate the pest. A relatively standard part of a pest control program is the log containing all the relevant information about the program. Some information in the log is legally required for the company’s own purpose and to satisfy external quality assurance programs.

A pest control log may have the following contents:

General information:

1.Details of the pest control company

2.diplomas or licenses of the pest control technician

3.copy of the liability insurance of the pest control company of the daily contact person

  • Material and resource:

1.overview of the applied pesticides

2. Statutory requirement of use of the applied pesticides.

3.material safety data sheets of the applied pesticides. 

4.labels of the applied pesticides

  • Monitoring devices:

1.registration lists

2.maps with location indicators 

3.statistics and trend analysis

  • Advice and corrective actions:

1.notification of pest activity 


Some pest control services in kathmandu company provide extension logs,whilst others record only the essential. A good program,however,contains all the relevant information about the pest control service in kathmandu program, not just the legally required information and communicates this information quickly and clearly with all people involved.

Pest control service in kathmandu refers to any system or measure that seeks to eliminate or regulate the population of insects considered harmful to human and animal health and the environment.pest control requires a lot of work and resource but it is necessary,especially for are the reasons why pest management is important and why every homeowner should consider applying it:

  1. Preventing damage to homes and structures:

In the house cleaning service for the repair of damage caused by infestation. Once they have burrowed into wood component of the home,they can eat beams,flooring and walls from inside.this makes the structures weak and vulnerable to collapse,leaving household members at a risk.infection can be especially problematic in older homes and structures that have not been arrears where termites are known pests,managing a home to keep it safe from termites requires constant vigilance and assistance from pest control.

  1. Preventing allergies:

Pests  can cause a range of issues in people,such as skin allergies,asthma and other respiratory problems. Bed bugs and mosquitoes, for example:are notorious for causing skin rashes.Pests can also carry certain allergens that can cause allergies in at least 7%of the population. They are also one of the leading causes of asthma in children.

  1. Avoiding diseases and other health risks:

Skin infection, urinary tract infection, lyme disease, intestinal infections, dysentery, dengue, malaria and food poisoning are just a few of the diseases and health problem that pests can cause. they also carry  a number of bacteria and viruses that can affect human and animal health. many of whom will require professional medical and treatment or hospitalization. That, in turn, can translate to millions of medical treatments.

  1. Preventing damage and deterioration of furniture,carpets and clothes:

Pest control has to be applied in order to save furniture,carpets and clothes and avoid the expenses associated with repair and replacements. Burrowing insects are notorious for causing damage to the wooden and fabric components of furniture. Some,such as carpet bugs,moths,cockroaches and silverfish are also attracted to fabric,often using it as a source of food.

  1. Supply economical service:

Food supply is critical to the survival of the world’s population. On a macro economic level, it also influences the world’s economies and supports majority of today’s active industries. without proper pest management, almost 20%of our food supply will be wasted due to consumption of rodents .each years, millions of people worth of food is lost to redent attracts and infestation. By controlling the threat, it is possible to keep food supplies at manageable and useful levels. On the homefront, implementing pest control measures can help prevent food waste and contamination. Pests do not only consume food, they also leave behind undesirable organic matter such as dead skin,body parts,feces and urine all of which can affect the quality of the food we eat. 

How often do you need pest control?

Many homeowners wonder how often pest control should be done.whether you are looking to prevent a re-infestation after treating your home or are looking to avoid a problem with pest from occurring in the first place,preventative maintenance is essential. A reputable pest control.House cleaning services company will work with you to assess your home’s individual needs and develop a treatment program and plan based on your unique pest often pest control should be done depends on a variety of factors,including the location of your home,the construction type and age,sanitation the type of landscape surrounding your home,and what type of  target pests you are treating.

Procedure of pest control:

Pests such as bed bugs,mice and termites have the potential to cause both illness and financial loss if not properly any business,keeping pests in check is important,particularly because businesses must follow safety and sanitation guidelines,as it outlines who is responsible for handing pest issues,the control methods and how to handle the tools and chemicals for pest control purpose.

  1. Schedule regular inspections:

Conducting regular inspections are crucial to pest management.the routine inspection must be conducted in area where infestation are most likely to occur.if the issue is pest control,inspection must be done in storage areas,the kitchen,areas where food spillage usually occurs,pantry,and employee break rooms.the house or building must be thoroughly checked for any potential entry points or areas where food and water feed the pests.

  1. Know how to prevent infestation:

By conducting regular inspection, you will be able to discover vulnerabilities.that could possibly trigger the onset of an infestation. The sooner you can find solutions as well. Make sure that exclusion is done right away as one of the preventative measures that should be do this,structural maintenance must be performed so that potential entry points will be covered immediately. When pests are kepts outside the building,the need for chemical countermeasures will also be reduced.

  1. Make an analysis of why pests exist in your home or facility:

Now  that you have closed entry points,and have conducted regular inspection,make an analysis regarding the reason why other pests exist in your home or facility. Check for the presence of food debris and other substances that could attract these pests in your is important to identify the presence of odors,which can also trigger the presence of pets.

  1. Choosing the right treatment method:

Pest control methods first before resorting to chemical treatment.once exclusion,baiting,and trapping have been done,but pests continue to infest the area,one should call on the professional who can handle the chemical treatment for pest control.the same thing should  also be done when other control methods fair to control pests or were found inappropriate for the situation.pest management must also be left in the hands of pest control service experts if the severity of pest infestation is too much for handle.

  1. Conduct consistent monitoring:

Pest management entails constant monitoring of the area or facility where the infestation took place.if there is a need to make operational changes,then it has to be done to ensure that an infestation will be able to visit area on a weekly or bi-weekly basis,you need to have someone else in your home on in your facility,which will conduct regular monitoring .everyone should serve as the eyes of the pest program.

  1. Increase awareness of sanitation issues:

Pest control service in kathmandu management not only includes regular inspection and constant involves increased awareness and proper implementation of sanitation measure.cleanliness in the kitchen or all areas of the house or facility must be observed at all times.this way,pests will no longer have a reason to enter your premises.

  1. Take proper documentation:

If pest infestation takes place in a business establishment,know that the food safety auditor will be visiting your place to conduct an inspection. When you take proper documentation of all matters involved in your pest control service in kathmandu management,you will have something credible that you will be able to show to the food safety auditors.this a must if you want your business to remain operational without the need to pay for penalties for not dealing with pest control properly.

Pest control service  is not just a one-time job. most of the time, it is a complex and time-consuming process. but as soon as you have learned the proper steps of pest control service  and have familiarized the entire process, it will soon becomes a less daunting task. precautionary measure should not be ignored when dealing with pests.

Benefits of hiring house cleaning service in Kathmandu Nepal for pest control:

  1. Specific plan:

As we all know,every home is different and is located at various locations,so it’s apparent that they need other pest control plans according to insects and area. If you search on the internet regarding pest control treatment,you may not get perfect results compared to those in this business for too long. Professional pest control service in Kathmandu  always lets you know how to customize new and new techniques so that your house can be insect-free.

  1. Time: 

Time is another benefit you will get if you call our house cleaning company,as we will work according to your schedule,which is extraordinary.

You can thoroughly understand pest control service  benefits for may be confused several times that we need pest control,and the answer to that depends on the company you choose.

  1. Technology: 

No doubt,if you are going with a perfect pest control service company,then you will have an updated technology with all the methods involved in their technique.Many companies offer home pest control service,but those with updated technology are the best.

  1. experience 

As we all know,if you hire a house cleaning service for pest control,they have good experience and are trained perfectly.Hiring our company is always a good decision. They can set up a plan immediately on how to pest control your home.

  1. Save money:

Some insects like bugs and cockroaches need a minimal amount to be spent on them,but sometimes people purchase chemicals from the market to kill them,which are relevant and cause serious harm to their lives too. For this, various companies use herbal pest control service,which is safe for them and the environment.

  1. safety : 

If you call a house  cleaning service,then no doubt, safety is guaranteed.the best thing i like about these companies is they only use green environmentally free products which don’t cause much harm to insets and they run out of your house.the understand the importance of pest control in all terms.even if you stay in touch with one pest control service is needed in your house and office and when not.

  1. Elimination of pest:

Elimination of pests is guaranteed if you are going to hire some professionals,and that’s for sure.

  1. Trust: 

They always have a perfect plan which they execute and are always can even call them again if you are not happy with the results.

contact us for professional pest control service in Kathmandu,nepal. We provide best service for our customers.

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