bird spike service in Kathmandu

Bird spikes service

Plastic or metal spikes are a powerful bird control measure to assist with dissuading irritation birds, like pigeons, from landing and settling on even surfaces of structures. Like all bird control strategies, spikes have the two upsides and downsides and keeping in mind that a few business organizations track down them the best method for …

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Disinfectant service

Cleaning with a household cleaner that contains soap and detergent reduces the amount of germs on surface and decreases risk of infection from most situations,cleaning alone removes most virus particles on surface.disinfection to reduce transmission of disinfection and we send our children to school,we go to work,gyms,parks,and office. It’s crucial to be safe from …

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Kitchen chimney cleaning

A kitchen chimney cleaning in kathmandu  is an architectural ventilation structure made of masonry,clay or metal. We are professional kitchen chimney cleaning service providers at Kathmandu,bhaktapur and lalitpur. The kitchen is the most important part of our house because we make anything here,this grease if left unresolved will accumulate over time and leave dirty make.when …

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Windows and glasses cleaning

Windows and glasses are among the primary things that individuals see in a building.tragically,numerous individuals ordinarily neglect the significance of having clean windows cleaning and glasses cleaning or tall rise window cleaning and glasses cleaning in kathmandu,having your windows routinely cleaned can make a huge distinction.there are numerous benefits related to having clean windows and …

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Rug dyeing

The variations found in rugs and kilims around the world are amazing and beautiful. The color combinations present in a kilim or persian rug make it appealing to the eye and a wonderfully decorative work of art. Each color hides a meaning which contributes to it’s fascination. Early rugs and kilims of course used dyes …

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Rug cleaning

You care about your home and want to keep it clean,sanitary and smelling fresh.all textiles need regular cleaning and care to extend their life.especially your rugs area rugs trap,dirt,dust,odors and oils due to foot traffic,pet accidents,smoke and various spills. We are the only cleaning professionals in our rug cleaning and dyeing  service in Kathmandu to …

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Parquet polishing

We are a professional polishing service in Kathmandu,Bhaktapur,lalitpur.parquet polishing service in kathmandu floors are one of the many beautiful addition one can have at their homes,and parquet polishing service in kathmandu  is one of the major reasons for household top prefer them as floorboards.parquet floors also provide several other advantage to homeowners,but the color and …

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